Brad Bowen


Hmm...  Where should I start?  I was born and raised in San Diego, surrounded by sun, sand and surf.  Bored with what most would consider a dream location, and with an overwhelming urge to explore, I packed my bags and headed North.  In search of mountains, inclement weather, and an opportunity to experience something new, I've spent the last five years enjoying the Great Northwest, camera in hand.  During the warmer months, I can be found camping in the Olympics, wrestling with my puppy, or just plain enjoying Seattle.  If it's snowing, you can bet I'll be in the mountains - hunting for pristine powder.  I've had the pleasure of documenting some incredible locations, here and across the globe, and I'm continuously searching out beauty in forgotten places.  Up to this point, I've made my way rebuilding cars, cooking at restaurants and designing ads for a major newspaper.  Now though, I devote my time to doing what I'm passionate about - photography.  As a commercial product photographer in Seattle, I have the opportunity to work with many brilliantly talented minds.  It is working with this kind of talent, and a desire to challenge the status quo, that makes me strive to better myself and my work.  

Gallery Showings (Forgotten But Not Gone)

Art institute of Seattle - WA
Art Not Terminal Gallery - WA
Adobe Inc. Headquarters - WA
zulily Inc. - WA
Krogstad Gallery - WA                           



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